- Bonjour le Fronce ! I'm Woody talking from the Tenue de Fougeray chombre d'hôte, in the countryside near Fontevraud (where you can see a good exhibition of Taniguchi's art, by the way).   


Today, I'm here because I would like to talk about wine. The wine, yes, the french wine ! From Saumur (wich is not far from here). So, if you are a kid, or not a kid but still not 18 years old, I'm sorry, call your parents because for once, it's with them I'd like to have this chat !

Now, let's talk about wine ! 


- Hello wine, how are you ? 

- Fine. I mean... well... fine.

- What's your particularity ?

- Well, I'm the wine you can find in this particular place. I don't give headackes, everybody who drinks me don't act strange after a few drinks...

- Well, that good news, Wine. When I see you, I feel like Johnny Walker



- You know wine, it's a bit sad to drink you with nothing left. The best should be a "cote de porc with gratin de blettes (or bettes) from the potager" (I know this sentence doesn't look like english language but you know, in real life, i'm a just a plastic toy).



For those who don't know the difference between meat and vegetables, here's a clue : the meat is at the right side of the plate)


with sauce and oignons frits of course 



Bon appétit  !


- Seriously, wine, you're my best friend ! I mean i don't know you from a long time but you are so chic with me, I think I'm gonna cry... 

- A Woody, don't you want a dessert first ?

- Yes, of course, what a dinde I am ! The dessert, the dessert !

- You want a Dame Blanche ?

- Oh non, not a Dame blanche. I don't like ghost, it's too scary !

- Euh... Excuse me but the Dame Blanche is an homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolat fondu on the top




- Ah, I prefer that. Well, it was good, time to have a little nap. Your fault, wine, you make me tired. 


- Have a good night Woody.

- And don't forget, parents and kids, the wine is à cansomer avec modération !

It was Woody from la Tenue du Fougeray. See you next time !